Vampiress of Versailles Plus Women’s Gown

Be the queen of the Halloween party wearing a luxurious, classy vamp gown for a sexy plus size lady like you: The Vampiress of Versailles Plus Women's Gown by Plus Size Lingerie Boutique.

This is the perfect dress for someone who looks for a vampire outfit that's as elegant as eerie. The Plus Size Vampiress of Versailles is the best in the world of vampires just as in the mortal world. It shows off which class of vampires you belong to. It features a black ball gown trimmed with white lace, black and red petticoat, and matching choker collar.

The ball gown's deep shade of maroon really jumps out from the black, lace-trimmed petticoat in terms of visual impact. The seller can also supply you with some vampire makeup and a wig if you need them, as well as some vampire pumps!

Please, click on the photo to purchase this beautiful Vampiress of Versailles gown at the seller's website.

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