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    • Egyptian TarotAncient Egyptian Tarot original symbols have been preserved in at least five different decks. Designs are based in authentic Egyptian sources.

      Some esoteric egyptologists say that the first modern version of the Ancient Egyptian Tarot was the Egipcios Kier Tarot, published by Editorial Kier of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the 1970s.

      Curiously, all the available Ancient Egyptian Tarot decks were published in Spain and Latin America during the last 40 years, but up to date they’re not easy to be found in bookshops or Esoteric items stores.

      The main difference between the traditional Tarot suit decks and the Ancient Egyptian Tarot is that the last one is about archetypical deep concepts. It begins with The Magician (1) and ends with Rebirth (78), emphasizing that the cards were pages of an ancient book.


      According to some sources, in the mid 19th century Napoleon got in Egypt from a Benedictine monk an occult manuscript that described in detail 78 symbolic houses similar to traditional Tarot, but using concepts like Khepri (The Scarab), Menat (An Egyptian talisman) or Ankh (The key of Eternal Life).

      The Ancient Egyptian Tarot is divided in 3 levels: the well known 22 Major Arcana, 16 Minor Arcana and 40 Open Gates of the Sanctuary symbols.

      The MiracleOn6thStreet® Tarot readers manage three versions of the Ancient Egyptian Tarot, including the original Egipcios Kier, as well as the Laura Tuan’s I Tarocchi Egiziani or The Egyptian Tarot published in 1995 by De Vecchi Editore and the Josef Machynka’s Ibis Tarot.

      Tuan’s and Machynka’s Tarot decks retain the traditional Tarot structure of 22 Major Arcana and 56 suit cards. In both cases, the Major Arcana are the original Ancient Egyptian symbols, meanwhile the minor cards show arrangements of the traditional suit symbols, inspired in true Egyptian iconography.

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