Frequent Asked Questions

Yes, of course. The MiracleOn6thStreet® psychics are gifted people, trained to control spiritual energies at distance, through science-based methods.

The MiracleOn6thStreet® psychics connect their minds and souls to the querents' minds and souls by following some magical rituals to develop a psychic environment to open a spiritual energy channel between the psychic and his/her querent. So, they have the ability of control the Energies of the Universe and connect with their querents through TELEPATHY and ASTRAL PROJECTION techniques.



  • Can everyone use the MiracleOn6thStreet® Magick/Witchcraft?
  • Yes, of course. All normal human beings have a basic psychic ability which can be developed and strengthened in different ways. The MiracleOn6thStreet® psychics achieve any latent psychic ability in their querents to open and/or strengthen an energy channel to create conditions for Witchcraft performance.

How can I make the MiracleOn6thStreet® Magick/Witchcraft work for me?
Those who are interested to obtain 100% efective results as soon as possible in the MiracleOn6thStreet® Witchcraft performance MUST follow the Magician's instructions without modifying or altering any part of the ritual process. If a querent doubts about Witchcraft potential results, he/she should not go ahead to avoid delays, failure or counterproductive results.

How does the MiracleOn6thStreet® Magick/Witchcraft with my religious principles?
The MiracleOn6thStreet® psychics respect all religious beliefs. Their main task is to help people to reach their personal goals, but they will never do something that could hurt querent's beliefs or moral principles. It's the querent's choice to use Witchcraft to improve his/her way of life.

Does the MiracleOn6thStreet® Magick/Witchcraft go against God?

The MiracleOn6thStreet® psychics consider witchcraft as the ability to influence the Supreme Universal Energy source to produce effects in the world. However, they acknowledge that their psychic infallibility is submitted to the Divine Law ruling the Universe.

How does the Threefold Law Operates in the MiracleOn6thStreet® Magick/Witchcraft?
The Threefold Law claims that whatever energy a person puts out into the world, be it positive or negative, will be returned to that person at least three times. All magical works aimed to bring love, health, success, money, as well as other positive goals usually boost their positive strength along with the time. Querents can be sure that magical works for protection or self-defense are neutral, but all magical works aimed to cause harm to others such as an unwarranted attack or to damage someone who is vulnerable, weak or at disadvantage may be a grievous boomerang, if the querent is not spiritually prepared for this kind of Witchcraft.

Remember that monetary price paid for any magical item at MIRACLE ON 6TH STREET® or psychic service is only a donation representing the opening ritual sacrifice that should be carried out in every magical work since ancient times to erase spiritual attachment to material goods. In the same way, the money paid by customers symbolizes the questioner's sincerity and humbleness offered to the Universe in order to perform a propitious magical work.