New Age Tarot Readings

New Age Tarot

New Age Tarot readings are a contemporary metaphysical point of view on the querent's spiritual realm. The New Age Tarot decks symbols usually are a modern version of the Eastern philosophies archetypes.

New Age Tarot seek spiritual healing through the archetypical analysis of the cards. New Age analysis on Tarot is focused to discover the querent's inner divine essence. This spiritual work helps querents to find the best way to solve their personal problems and to reach their goals.
New Age Tarot empowers querents through knowledge and meditation on symbols towards personal evolution.
There are different New Age Tarot decks. All are inspired in the 78 cards Traditional Tarot decks. One of the most famous New Age Tarot Decks is the Samvado Gunnar Kossatz's Experimental Tarot Deck, which main symbols are rooted in the four archetypal elements (Water, Earth, Air, Fire). Kossatz also preferred to name "the court cards" from Traditional Tarot in a contemporary manner as son, daughter, mother and father.