Numair Letter

WELCOME TO  MiracleOn6thStreet®


My mystical name is Numair Saurav, Celestial Tiger, Master of  Light and Shadows of the Supreme Secret Knowledge in the High Gnostic-Alchemikal Magick of the Codex Arkanum®. I'm the founder of the MiracleOn6thStreet® Psychic Society.


I'm sharing my personal story with you, so you will understand what is this website for and what are miracles made of…


Well, I was born in Northern India, but  moved with my family to the United States when I was a little kid. My father was a prominent Indian diplomat, so I had the opportunity to travel around the world since my early age as well as to learn about different cultures.


I got interested in the Spiritual path since I was a boy. While learning about the Occult Sciences, I  found out  that I'm the last inheritor of the Maghâuno lineage.  My research on Spirituality and on my family's lineage brought me to meet a powerful man who gave me the key of the Supreme Secret Knowledge.  His name was Joe Blacklodge. He talked to me about God, the Universal laws and my spiritual mission in this world as a Maghâuno born psychic.


Mr. Blacklodge made me believe that I was predestined to control the world. Then, Mr. Blacklodge introduced me to a selected group of influential people from different countries and they helped me to become an extremely successful person.  In few months I tasted the delights of political power, money, love and beauty as I had never thought that I could.


I knew it was just because of Joe Blacklodge's Magick and teachings.  I was very happy and for some moments I believed that Joe Blacklodge and his associates, all-mighty among mighty, would take me to the top level of Magickal Psychic Force transmuted into earthly Power. However, I suddenly became involved in an actual deal with the Devil.


Blacklodge and his associates began to ask me to use my psychic powers and Magickal knowledge for evil purposes. When I refused to follow their orders, my life turned into a nightmare.  I lost my job -- a very high paid job -- as senior advisor to an international organization, I got involved in a weird scandal because my wife left me for a  Joe Blacklodge's brother and my children mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth. My beautiful penthouse in New York was unexpectedly foreclosed and suddenly I found myself homeless, begging for a coin, walking up and down the sixth street in Los Angeles, California, on the other side of my dreams.


I should not say that I got into a deep depression and my psychic powers weakened while I became a beggar and I lost the count of days.



Few years later, my life had completely changed and I had been able to recover myself from despair, so in that moment I realized that my spiritual teacher, my friend, my guide, was a reincarnation of the Grand Master Alkidr Munqarnakir, that Mediterranean magician who lived in the VII century to decipher the Codex Arkanum®, an ancient philosophical compendium containing all the mystical secrets to be completely happy, healthy, and wealthy.


My spiritual guide only asked me in return for his teaching to help some day people who are in need of real spiritual guidance to give them the keys for happiness.

Here I am returning Grand Master Alkidr’s favor: I started to teach other persons in spiritual need the secrets of his Codex Arkanum® and the Magical Source of Power contained in every chapter of this ancient book.

More over: The Magic of Grand Master Alkidr worked very well when I had the chance to meet some gifted-by-nature psychics from different countries who wanted to learn to deepen their control of the Great Energy or Mystical Ether.
That was the way I founded the MIRACLE ON 6TH STREET® psychic community. My disciples and I started testing all Codex Arkanum® available psychic resources, magic spells, talismans, potions and other mystical secrets with succesful results.

After some time we decided to take the most important challenge for any psychic, clairvoryant, magician, witch/warlock, shaman, sorcerer and/or mystical guide: To go beyond material boundaries of Magical Power to achieve all possibilities of mental and spiritual planes of existence to practice divination arts at distance, so we would help people all around the world.

Up to date, the MIRACLE ON 6TH STREET® psychic community is a non profit organization committed to HELP PEOPLE TO BE HAPPY. You should know we're not only interested to help people with spiritual needs, we also want to help those who require financial or technological resources to improve their way of life, so all purchases in this website are destined to Wings of Love Inc.'s social development projects for the Americas.

When you surf this website, remember that MIRACLE ON 6TH STREET® psychics are ready to share with you the secrets of the Great Energy -- the Magical Power -- to improve your life and be happier, healthier and wealthier now and forever.

Find new love, reunite with that person you can't forget about, increase your sex appeal, gain financial stability, enjoy a succesful career, get the cure for your chronic pain... YOU DESERVE THE BEST!!
So shall it be!...




Los Angeles, California, November 29, 2005